Crude Protein Calculator

If you want to calculate the amount of crude protein instantly then take help of the online tool specially designed for this purpose i.e. Crude Protein Calculator. To avail the output simply type in the necessary inputs Blank Titre Value, Titre Value, Normality of NaOH, Weight of the Sample and click on the calculate button. That's it you have the crude protein percentage value instantly.

Crude Protein Calculator: Determine the crude protein in feed easily by using the handy Crude Protein Calculator. You will no longer feel calculating the crude protein by Micro Kjeldhal Distillation Method difficult as we have got you a wonderful online tool to aid you. In fact, we have covered every piece of information needed for you such as What is meant by Crude Protein, Formula to find Crude Protein, Steps on How to Estimate the Crude Protein using Kjeldhal Distillation Method. You can even get some solved examples on Estimation of Crude Protein in the below sections.

What is Crude Protein?

Crude Protein in general is an estimate for Total Protein. It includes nitrogen from both protein and non-protein sources as well. It is necessary for energy that builds tissues.

Crude Protein Formula

Kjeldhal Method of Nitrogen Analysis a renowned method for estimating the protein content in several materials be it human, animal food. Use the Crude Protein Calculation Formula to determine the protein content in feed stuff easily. The formula to estimate the Crude Protein using Kjeldhal Distillation Method is given by Percentage of crude protein = (blank-titre value) * 1.401 * 6.25 * 20 * Normality of NaOH / Sample Weight )

Example 1: Calculate the percentage of crude protein in the food based on the blank titre value of 70, titre value of 40, normality of NaOH of 25N and sample weight 60.


Given Blank Titre Value = 70

Titre Value = 40

Normality of NaOH = 25N

Sample Weight = 60

We know the formula to find percentage of crude protein = Percentage of crude protein = (blank-titre value) * 1.401 * 6.25 * 20 * Normality of NaOH / Sample Weight )

Substitute the given values in the formula of crude protein percentage we get the equation = (70-40)*1.401*6.25*20*25/60) = 2189.0625

Therefore, the crude protein percentage is 2189.0625

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FAQs on Free Online Crude Protein Calculator

1. Why is 6.25 commonly used as conversion factor in crude protein analysis?

In general, conversion factor 6.25 is used on basis of assumption general nitrogen content in food proteins is 16%

2. What is the Formula for Percentage of Crude Protein?

The Formula for Percentage of Crude Protein is given by (blank-titre value) * 1.401 * 6.25 * 20 * Normality of NaOH / Sample Weight)

3. What is Crude Protein Vs Protein?

True Protein is the measure of proteins in feed whereas Crude Protein measures all sources of nitrogen both protein and non-protein content in feed.