Lattice Energy Calculator

In chemistry, both ions and atoms play important roles. You can see that atoms can be together in various methods. Here we have created a lattice energy calculator to find the lattice energy of an element in just seconds with a neat explanation. Just drop the inputs of cation and anion in the required fields and select the method to determine the lattice energy in no time with this free handy lattice energy formula calculator.

Lattice Energy Calculator Online with Steps: Lattice energy is the measure of the cohesive forces that join ionic solids. You will find numerous equations that give the lattice energy of an element. Curious to learn what lattice energy is, lattice energy equations or formulas, how to find the lattice energy easily, etc. simply stick to this free online lattice energy calculation. Here, we have outlined all these details about lattice energy in a straightforward way for better understanding.

Lattice Energy Definition

The energy that is discharged when two oppositely charged gaseous ions attract one another and make an ionic solid is called lattice energy. Whereas the lattice energy per mole UL is the sum of the electrostatic and repulsive energy.

A lattice energy equation or formula using Born-Haber is written as

ΔU = ΔH-p ΔV_m


  • Δ U = molar lattice energy
  • Δ H = molar lattice enthalpy
  • Δ V_m = change of the volume per mole
  • p = outer pressure

How to calculate lattice energy manually?

We can calculate the lattice energy by using the Born Haber cycle method. Also, there are various other methods to solve the lattice energy like the Hard-sphere model, Born-Mayer equation, Born-Landé equation, and Kapustinskii equation.

But now, we are discussing the steps to calculate the lattice energy using Born-Haber Cycle. Look at the below steps for proper knowledge on calculating the lattice energy:

  1. In the very first step, you need to find the heat of formation.
  2. Later, start determining the heat of atomization along with dissociation energy
  3. Next, calculate the ionization energies and electron affinities.
  4. At last, find the lattice energy by deducting 2 & 3 steps from step 1.

What are the Different Models Lattice Energy Formulas?

1. Formula of ionic lattice energy

By using the revised formula of the coulomb's law, we can easily determine the lattice energy formula of an equivalent ionic solid. The formula is written below:

U = -k'Q1Q2r0


  • U=Lattice energy
  • k=Proportionality constant
  • Q1& Q2=Charges on the ions
  • r0=Internuclear distance

2. Born-Landé Equation

The proposed equation to explain this repulsive energy by Born and Landé is

U = NAB/r^n


  • n - Born exponent, a measure of the lattice's compressibility,
  • B - A constant for each lattice, and
  • r - Interatomic distance.

3. Kapustinskii equation

The formula for describing the lattice energy by the Kapustinskii method is represented as:

U = K * (v * |z+| * |z-|/r-+r+)*(1-d/r++r-)


  • K - 1.202−4 J m mol−1
  • v - Number of ions in the lattice's empirical formula, and
  • d - 3.45×10−11 m.

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FAQs on Free Online Bigger Lattice Energy Calculator

1. How to find the largest lattice energy?

2. what is the lattice energy of NaCl?

The lattice energy of NaCl is -786 kJ/mol. Want to know how the lattice energy of NaCl is calculated? Just check the detailed steps given above.

3. What is the Lattice Energy Formula Of Ionic Bonding?

The Ionic Bonding lattice energy formula per mole is represented as

UL= (NAZ2e2/4∏∈or2o) (1-1/n)

4. What are the factors that affect lattice energy?

Mainly a few important factors that affect lattice energy and are listed as

  • Distance between the ions
  • Charge of ions
  • Radius of ions

5. How to Determine the Lattice Energy Trend?

With the comparison of the lattices of substances from the identical group or period, you can find the lattice energy trend.