Molecular SO2 in Wine Calculator

Molecular SO2 in wine calculator is a free web-based tool that estimates how much free SO2 is required to protect your wine based on its PH. To get perfect and accurate results, use this calculator tool, to use this calculator tool, give the inputs in the input boxes and click on the calculate button.

Molecular SO2 in wine Calculator: Is it hard for you to calculate the molecular sulfur in wine? Don't worry then this tool works better for you. In this calculator tool, we have provided you with the complete details of the concept and the calculator that gives you instant results. By using this calculator you can learn concepts like definition, formulas, solved examples, and steps.

What is Molecular SO2 in Wine?

Sulfur is one of the most effective products for making wine as sulfur is a natural byproduct that will be achieved by the fermentation process. If you can see even there will be a small amount of sulfur that you found in bread. There are some recommended levels of sulfur in a variety of wines. They are 0.5 mg/L (ppm) for red wines, 0.8 mg/L (ppm) for white wines, 1.5 mg/L (ppm) for dessert wines.

Molecular SO2 in wine can be calculated by using the formula,

r = a / (1 + 10[p - 1.8])


r = molecular SO2

a = free SO2

p = pH of the wine.

Steps to Calculate Molecular SO2 in Wine

Go through the guidelines carefully to calculate the molecular so2 in wine easily. Just follow the steps given.

  • Note down the values that are given in the problem.
  • And then apply the basic formula, r = a / (1 + 10[p - 1.8]).
  • Finally, get the result easily by substituting the values and by simplifying it.

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FAQs on Molecular SO2 in Wine Calculator

1. How do you calculate molecular SO2 in wine?

For calculating, molecular SO2 in the wine you need to give the formula, r = a / (1 + 10[p - 1.8].

2. What are the steps to calculate molecular so2 in the wine calculator?

  • Give the inputs in the provided boxes.
  • Click on the calculate button which is in blue color.
  • Finally, get the result easily in seconds.

3. What is the relation between free SO2 and total SO2?

Total SO2 is the sum of free SO2 and combined SO2.

4. Why is SO2 added to wine?

SO2 will work in the fermentation process, so that is the reason it will be added to the wine.