Volume from Mass and Concentration

Make use of our free and simple Volume from Mass and Concentration Calculator to compute the volume of the solution using mass, and concentration. Input the concentration, mass and hit the calculate button to find the volume with a detailed explanation.

Volume from Mass and Concentration: Are you wondering how to calculate volume using mass & concentration? Then take the help of handy calculator that gives the solution volume. Along with the calculation, you will also find the simple process to calculate the volume with concentration and mass in the below sections. For a better understanding, we are also providing solved examples.

Volume Concentration Formula

The simple formula to find the volume of the solution from mass and concentration is here:

Volume of the solution = Mass of the solute/Concentration of the solution

Volume = Mass/Concentration

How to Find Volume from Mass and Concentration?

  • Obtain the mass and concentration of the chemical solution.
  • Divide the mass by concentration.
  • The ratio is called the volume of the solution.


When 690 g lithium chloride solution with a concentration of 3.45 g/ml is dissolved in water, what is the volume of the solution?


Given that,

Concentration = 3.45 g/ml

Mass = 690 g

Volume = Mass/Concentration

= 690/3.45

= 200

Therefore, the solution volume is 200 ml.

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FAQ's on Finding Volume from Concentration and Mass

1. How to find volume when given mass and concentration?

Simply divide the mass of the solute by the concentration of the solution to get the solution volume.

2. What is the volume concentration formula?

The volume concentration formula is Volume = Mass / Concentration.

3. What is the relationship between concentration, mass and volume?

The mass/volume per cent of a solution is defined as the ratio of the mass of the solute available in the solution to the volume of the solution as a whole. The relation between concentration, mass and volume is Concentration = Mass/Volume.

4. What happens to concentration when volume increases?

When the volume of the solution increases then its concentration decreases.