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Online Acetate Buffer Calculator tool helps you to determine the amount of acetic acid, amount of sodium acetate, and trihydrate needed to form a buffer solution for a given pH and buffer strength. You have to provide the required buffer strength, and pH values to obtain the accurate output within no time.

What is Buffer Solution?

A buffer solution is able to maintain its pH value with minor changes by adding small amounts of either base or acid. These solutions are used in food preservatives, fermentation, printing, drug delivery, and electroplating. The 2 different types of buffer solutions are acidic buffers and alkaline buffers.

Solutions of a weak acid & its conjugate base or weak base & its conjugate acid are able to maintain pH and buffer solutions.

The 3 different ways to make a buffer are listed here:

  • Adding a conjugate base to weak acid.
  • Adding a strong acid to a weak base.
  • Adding a strong base to a weak acid.

A buffer solution formed by the mixture of acetic acid and sodium acetate (base formed by acetic acid) is acetate buffer.

How to use Acetate Buffer Calculator?

The simple steps to find the amount of acetic acid and sodium acetate needed to form a buffer solution using this calculator are here:

  • Enter the amount of pH and buffer strength details.
  • Click the calculate button.
  • You will automatically get amount of acetic acid, amount of sodium acetate, trihydrate. is one of the best websites that provides chemistry calculators related to all topics.

FAQs on Acetate Buffer Calculator

1. How do I make 300mM acetate buffer?

Acetate buffers are inexpensive and simple to prepare and can store at room temperature. Prepare 800 ml of distilled water in a container and add 7.721 g of Sodium Acetate to the solution. Again add 352.5 mg of acetate acid to the solution to make a 30mm acetate buffer.

2. What is the range of acetate buffer?

The pH range of acetate buffers is from 3.6 to 5.6.

3. What is the purpose of acetate buffer?

Acetate buffers are used in biomedical studies of enzymes and other chemical components of cells to prevent pH changes that can change the biochemical activity of these compounds.

4. What is the pH value of acetic acid?

1 M acetic acid solution has a pH of 2.38.