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Do you want to determine Serial Dilution Parameters easily? Then this online Calculator for Serial Dilution can be a great alternative. All you need to do is enter the inputs as specified and press the calculate button to avail the output in a matter of seconds.

Serial Dilution - Definition

Serial Dilution is nothing but one kind of Solution Dilution. In other words, if clearly explained it is a setpwise dilution of a solution that is repeated certain times in which concentration is reduced each single time. Serial Dilutions find their applications in microbiology, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, homeopathy, etc.

How to find Serial Dilution?

Serial Dilution can be found using two different methods like dilution factor, concentration range. In the Dilution Factor Method, you will use the dilution factor as input and seperates one solution from the other. However, in Concentration Range Method you need to provide both the concentration of initial, final solutions. Dilution seperated by the same dilution factor is determined for you.

Terms related to Serial Dilution

  • Number of Dilutions - It is the number of solutions you prepare. If you are about to make starting solution from the stock solution differ the input fields accordingly.
  • Starting Solution Concentration - It is the concentration of the first solution in the series but not the concentration of the stock solution.
  • The concentration of the first solution in the series, not the concentration of the stock solution.
  • Volume Per Use - It is the amount of solution you require per concentration of your experiment.
  • Number of Uses per Dilution - It is the number of repeats per solution.
  • Error type - In this, you will have either Percentage Error or Pipette Error. In case of percentage error, you will ass that percent to the volume on the left whereas in pipetting error you will add it to the volume.
  • Minimum Volume Required - It is the volume you need to leave in your dilution after you remove a certain amount for the next dilution. You can find it using the formula Volume Per Use * Number of Uses per Dilution* Error. 
  • Starting Solution Composition - It is all about creating starting solution. It tells you how much starting volume is required and also indicates how to make starting solution using the volume of the stock solution. It also informs you about the volume of dilutant to be added if you are aware of the stock solution concentration.
  • Repeat Solutions - It indicates how to create dilutions past the starting solution. You can also know the volume to be transferred from one dilution to the other solution, the amount of dilutant to add to each dilution, the total amount of dilution required, etc.
  • Dilution factor with Respect to the Starting Solution - It tells us the cumulative dilution factor since it relates to the starting solution.
  • The concentration of solutions - It tells us the concentration of up to the first 10 solutions.

Serial Dilution Method Procedure

Follow the step-by-step procedure on how to perform serial dilutions. Go through the detailed steps listed and learn how to solve serial dilutions manually. They are as such

  • Firstly, find out the number of dilutions, dilution factor, starting solution concentration.
  • Now find out how much solution is needed for each dilution.
  • Later how much solution is needed to pipette from one dilution to the next one.
  • Make the starting solution.
  • Using a clean pipette remove the moving volume from starting solution to the next test tube.
  • Go ahead with your experiment.
  • Dispose of all the chemicals correctly and safely.

If you are about to use the concentration range method, follow the same steps as above and determine the dilution factor using the formula dilution factor = (initial concentration - final concentration)^(1/(dilution number - 1)  

FAQs on Serial Dilution Calculator

1. What is the Principle of Serial Dilution?

Serial Dilution is a stepwise dilution of a solution that is repeated a certain number of times in which the concentration reduces for every single step.

2. How do you Carry out Serial Dilution using a Calculator?

You can carry out Serial Dilution by simply entering the inputs specified and then clicking on the calculate button to avail the output.

3. Why is Serial Dilution a Useful Technique?

Serial Dilutions are used to create extremely diluted solutions as well as solutions for experiments that need a concentration curve with an exponential or logarithmic scale.

4. How is Serial Dilution used in the Real World?

Serial Dilution is used in real-world i.e. in experimental sciences like microbiology, physics, homeopathy, biochemistry, pharmacology, etc.