Grams to Moles Calculator

Use the Grams to Moles Calculator to quickly change between grams to moles. Make the most out of this handy tool g to mol conversion calculator and make your computations fast and simple. All you have to do is enter the inputs mass of a substance, molar mass of the material ad tap on the calculate button to avail the output moles value in no time.


Grams to Moles Calculator: Correctly estimate number of moles a specific mass substance has using the online tool Grams to Moles Converter. Read on to know about Grams to Moles Conversion Formula, How to change Grams to Moles manually in the further modules. Check out the Worked Out Examples on Grams to Moles Conversion and try to solve similar problems on your own without having any difficulty next time.

Mole Definition

Mole is the SI Unit of Measurement of a Substance Amount. In general, one mole has around 6.02214085774 × 10²³ (using scientific notation) atoms, molecules, or anything else. This value is termed as Avagadro's Number.

Grams to Moles Formula

To estimate the number of moles 'n' in a specific mass of a substance 'm' use the below provided formula n = m / M

  • Where, n is the number of moles
  • m is the specific mass of a substance
  • Where, M is the molar mass of the material

How to Convert Grams to Moles?

To change between Grams to Moles follow the step by step procedure listed below. They are as under

  • Firstly, determine the specific mass of a substance in grams, molar mass of a material in g/mol.
  • Now divide the mass of a substance with the molar mass of a material.
  • The resultant obtained after performing the division is the value of moles present.

How to use the g to Mol Calculator?

Follow the simple steps listed below to use grams to moles calculator. They are as follows

  • Firstly, provide the respective inputs mass of a substance, molar mass of material in the allotted input fields.
  • Now, tap on the calculate button to obtain the output.
  • Resultant Moles Value is displayed in new window showing the steps.
Grams to Moles Calculator

FAQ’s on Grams to Moles Calculator

1. How do you Convert Grams to Moles?

You can Convert Grams to Moles by simply dividing the specific mass of a substance with the Molar Mass of the Material.

2. What is the Grams to Moles Conversion Formula?

Grams to Moles Conversion Formula is given by expression n = m/M.

3. How to use the g to mol calculator?

Simply provide the respective inputs i.e. quantity of substance or mass 'm' and molar mass and then click on the calculate button in the g to mol calculator to obtain the moles.

4. Is there any tool for calculating grams to moles easily?

Yes, you can try our Grams to Moles Calculator on to calculate or convert between grams to moles easily and quickly.