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Make use of our free online actual yield calculator and determine the actual mass of product from a chemical reaction in split seconds. Simply give the percent yield, theoretical yield inputs and hit the calculate button to display the result with detailed steps.

Percent yield(Yp)
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Actual yield(Ya)

What is Actual Yield, Percent Yield, Theoretical Yield?

These three are the main types of yields in chemistry. Let's look at the definitions of three yields of chemistry.

The three yields in chemistry are as follows:

  • Percent Yield
  • Theoretical Yield
  • Actual Yield

Actual Yield Definition

The generated actual mass of a product from a chemical reaction is called actual yield in chemistry. This actual yield will be less than the theoretical yield because of incomplete reactions.

Actual Yield Formula

As we know that the actual yield is the actual amount of substance yieleded from an experiment. The formula to calculate the actual yield of a chemical process is

Ya = (Yp / 100) * Yt


Ya - Actual yield;
Yp - Percent yield (%); and
Yt - Theoretical yield.

Percent Yield Definition & Formula

Percentage yield is calculated to express the productivity of a reaction. Also, it can be solved by determining the percentage of actual yield to the theoretical yield.

The formula for solving the percentage yield is,

Percent Yield = (Actual yield/Theoretical yield) x 100%

Theoretical Yield Definition & Formula

A few potential products formed when chemical react is called theoretical yield. It is mainly used to find at the start of chemistry levels together in the advanced practice of chemical engineer and many other fields as it shows the reactions' efficiency.

The formula to determine the theoretical yield value of the chemical reaction is,

Theoretical Yield= Actual Yield / Percent Yield × 100%

How Do You Determine Actual Yield?

Basically, the process of determining the actual yield is by weighing product with the help of scale. The steps you have to follow are as such:

  1. Firstly, weigh the container.
  2. Now, you have to take the product in the container and weigh it.
  3. Next, minus the mass of the container from the total mass.
  4. Finally, it results the mass of the product.

How to Calculate Actual Yield from Percent Yield?

The alternative way to find out the actual yield is from percent yield and theoretical yield. The formula for prcebt yield is written as

Percent yield = actual yield/theoretical yield x 100

From this expression, you can estimate the actual yield acquired from a chemical reaction. Thus,

Actual Yield = (percent yield x theoretical yield)/100

Worked-out Actual Yield Calculation Example


If the percent yield of a reaction was 25 % with a theoretical yield of 5 g. Compute the actual yield using the actual yield formula calculator?


Given percent yield is 25 percent
theoretical yield is 5 g
Now, apply the formual of actual yield, ie., Ya = (Yp / 100) * Yt
= (25/100) * 5
= 1.25 g
Hence, the actual yield is 1.25 grams.

FAQs on Actual Yield Calculator without Percent Yield

1. How is actual yield calculated?

By knowing the theoritcal yield and percent yield, you can easily calculate the actual yield. Hence, by using the formula of actual yield we can find out the actual yield.

2. What is actual yield example?

Actual yield is less than theoretical yield as the most reactions aren't 100 percent effective and in view of the fact that it's hopeless to recover all the product from a reaction. For instance, product evaporates.

3. Can I access actual yield calculator online for free?

Yes, you can easily access the actual yield calculator online for free of cost from our reliable and trusted website