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Last Updated : May 10, 2023

Take advantage of this chemical bond polarity calculator tool that helps you to find the chemical bond polarity easily within seconds. To use this calculator tool, provide the parameters in the given boxes and then tap the calculate button.

What is Chemical bond Polarity?

In Chemistry, chemical bond polarity is the concept of property of sharing an electron between two elements. Between the elements covalent bond can be either polar or non-polar. It is the concept of electronegativity. When two atoms bond form a molecule, the electron in the bond are not necessarily shared equally.

In Chemical Bond Polarity, we have three types.

Nonpolar Covalent:

If, Electronegativity Difference = 0


Ionic (Non-Covalent):

If, Electronegativity Difference > = 2

Polar Covalent:

If, 2 > Electronegativity Difference > 0

How to Calculate Chemical Bond Polarity?

To calculate the chemical bond polarity, go through the guidelines that are given below.

  • Write the values that are given in the problem.
  • Apply the formula.
  • Simplify it and substitute teh values.
  • Check the three conditions with the answer.
  • Finally, get the result.

FAQs on Chemical Bond Polarity Calculator

1. How do you calculate the polarity of a bond?

To determine the polarity of a bond, find the difference between the electronegativity of atoms, if the result is between 0.4 and 1.7, then generally the bond is the polar covalent.

2. How to use this chemical polarity of the bond calculator?

Simply, give the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button that provides the results instantly.

3. Is 0.3 polar or nonpolar?

0.3 is a polar covalent bond.

What is the bond polarity of H2?

Hydrogen gas element is nonpolar, because the hydrogen atoms share their electrons equally.