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Use our free Chemical Name Calculator to translate the formulae of the chemical compounds into specific names. Here you can check the ionic compound's names and their formulas. Just provide the cation symbol, and anion symbol and tap on the calculate button to get the ionic compound name in the blink of an eye.

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How to Write Names for Ionic Compounds?

The Greek letter rho (ρ)  is used to represent it. The density of air, or how light it is, is determined by the air's temperature and pressure. The density of air is usually expressed in STP units (standard temperature and pressure). At 0 degrees Celsius, STP is one atmosphere of pressure.

The chemical name is nothing but how we pronounciate it. The following are the rules to remember when writing chemical names for ionic compounds.

  • At first, you need to write a cation without any change.
  • The anion name comes second, and the suffix may change. When it is a single atom, use the elemental name, and end it with "-ide".
  • Next coming to the roman numerals in the chemical name. These represent the oxidation number of an atom, but it is different for ionic compounds.

Ionic Compounds Properties

  • Conductivity: Solid ionic compounds don't conduct electricity as the movement of the ions is impossible.
  • Solubility: Ionic compounds are soluble in polar solvents such as water, but not in non-polar solvents like petrol.
  • High melting and boiling points: It requires a large amount of energy to break the bonds between cations and anions. They have a high melting point and boiling point.
  • Hard but brittle: Ionic compounds are in the form of crystals that are hard to break, but when they do, they shatter.

How to Use Chemical Name Calculator?

Go through the simple steps to use the chemical name calculator.

  • Provide cation, and anion details in the input fields of the calculator.
  • Press the calculate button.
  • It will display the ionic compound name and chemical formula.

FAQ's on Ionic Compound Chemical Name Calculator

1. How do you write chemical names?

The simple steps in writing chemical names for ionic compounds are listed here:

  • Write every symbol with its valency.
  • Interchange the valencies.
  • Write the interchanged number and its name.

2. What is the chemical name of water?

The water chemical formula is H2O. The chemical name of water is Hydrogen Oxide.

3. What are the rules for naming chemical compounds?

The rules for naming ionic compounds are along the lines:

  • Name the nonmetal by its elemental made followed by ide word.
  • Name the metal by its elemental name.
  • Name polyatomic ions by their names.
  • Name metals that have different oxidation states with roman numerals to indicate positive charge.

4. What is the difference between a molecule and a compound?

A molecule has at least two elements joined chemically. And a compound is a molecule that has at least two different elements.