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Fed up with performing numerous conversions which include moles (mol)? Try our free easy-to-use atoms to moles conversion calculator and determine the output in split seconds. Just enter the inputs in the required fields and click on the calculate button for displaying the result ie., convert atoms to moles in no time.


Definitions of Atoms and Moles

Atoms: The smallest particle of a chemical element that exists is called an atom. Protons, electrons, and neutrons are three elementary particles that are composed of atoms. Some examples of atoms are hydrogen(h) and neon(Ne).

Moles: In chemistry, a mole is defined as an amount of substance, helpful while working with numerous distinct molecules reacting at once. The symbol to indicate mole is 'mol'.

As of 20th May 2019, the mole definition as per the official international system of units is the number of chemical substances that include absolutely Avogadro's constant (6.02214076×1023) particles (atoms, molecules, ions, or electrons).

The equation to calculate mole is mole = mass/molecular weight.

Conversion of Atoms to Moles Formula

the formula is based on Avogadro’s number, which is a numerical constant. Then, using the constant, you can use the atom to mole conversion formula to calculate the amount of substance.

The formula to calculate the atoms to moles unit conversion is based on Avogadro's constant number. With the help of this numeric constant, we can easily determine the amount of substance by using the atom to mole conversion formula.

Thus, the formula to convert atoms to molesis as follows:

Moles (mol) =atoms/6.02214076 × 1023

How do you convert atoms to moles in simple steps?

Here are the simple process of converting between atom and mole. Just follow the below steps and learn the process of atoms to moles unit conversion.

  • Initially, we have to take the given atoms from the problem.
  • Next, apply the simple atom to mole conversion formula ie., mol =atoms/6.02214076 × 1023
  • Now, substitute the input values in the above formula and evaluate the expression to obtain the desired result.

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Solved Examples of Conversion between atoms and moles unit measurements


If there are 5 x 1024atoms in a sample, calculate the number of moles this quantity represents:


Given atoms =5 x1024

The formula we have to apply to convert atoms to moles is

moles = atom /6.022 x1023

moles = 5 x 1024/ 6.022 x1023

moles = 8.472733495219266e-20

Hence,the conversion of 5 x1024atoms into moles is8.472733495219266e-20.

FAQs on Atoms to Moles Calculator with Steps

1. How many atoms are in a mole?

In chemistry, the One-mole value is equivalent to the number of atoms in 12 gms of pure carbon-12. Thus, 6.022 × 1023atoms are in a mole.

2. How did you convert atoms or formula units to moles?

While converting from atoms, molecules, or formula units to moles, we need to divide the atom value by Avogadro's number ie., 6.02×1023. Hence, you can get the required conversion result quickly.

3. What is the number of moles formula?

The number of moles formula is written as Number of Moles = Mass of substance / Mass of one mole.

4. How to calculate atoms given the grams?

In order to compute the atoms in a sample, simply divide the weight in grams by the AMU atomic mass from the periodic table, and later on, take the result and multiply it with Avogadro's number. Finally, you will get the required output.