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Utilize the Density of Liquid Calculator tool to find the density of a liquid by entering required details in a short span of time. Give mass of liquid and volume of liquid as inputs and hit the calculate button to obtain the accurate result immediately.

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Density Definition | Density of Liquid Formula

The density of the liquid is defined as the amount of mass it has per unit volume. A liquid with a higher density has a high molar mass when compared with a liquid of lower density. The unit of density is kg/m3.

Mathematically, density is defined as the ratio of mass to the volume of the substance.

Density of Liquid Formula is DL = m/v


DL is the density of liquid

m is the mass

v is the volume

How to Find Density of a Liquid?

  • Measure the mass of the liquid, and volume of the liquid.
  • Divide the liquid mass by its volume.
  • The obtained result is the density of a liquid.


If the mass of the liquid is 15 grams, the volume of the liquid is 30 ml, find the density of the liquid?


Given that,

Mass m = 15 g

Volume v = 30 ml

Debsity of the liquid is DL = m/v

= 15/30

= 0.5 g/ml

Therefore, the density of the liquid is 0.5 g/ml.

FAQs on Density at STP Calculator

1. At STP, how do you calculate the density of a gas?

A gas's density at STP. At STP, the formula D= M/V is used, where M is the molar mass and V is the molar volume of a gas (22.4 liter/mole).

2. Is the density of gases the same at STP?

All ideal gases have the same number density, they all have the same molar volume. This will be 22.4 liters at STP. This is useful for visualizing the distance between molecules in various samples. For example, A sample of liquid water has a mass density of 1 g mL-1.

3. At STP, which has a higher density: hydrogen or helium?

Hydrogen has a mass of 1.001 g/mole, while Helium has a mass of 4.002 g/mole. As a result, dividing the mass of one mole of an element by the volume of one mole of the gas at STP yields the density of each gas. Helium has a density of more than four times that of hydrogen.

4. What is the ammonia gas density at STP?

The ammonia gas density at STP is 0.761g/L.

5. What is the STP volume?

Standard temperature and pressure (STP) is a good set of conditions to use when comparing other gas properties. Gases have a volume of 22.4 L per mole at STP. The ideal gas law can be used to calculate gas densities.