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Determine the conversion between feet and inches (ft to in) using free online feet to inches calculator. All you need to do is enter the input in the provided boxes then tap on the calculate button and that's it our calculator does everything for you.

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Definitions of Feet and Inches

Feet: The unit of length or linear measure equivalent to 12 inches or 1/3 of a yard is called a foot. The abbreviation of foot or feet is 'ft'. Also, it is represented as the ' symbol. For example, 1 foot can be written as 1 ft or 1'.

Inch: An inch is a unit of linear measure equal to 1/12 of a foot. In ruler, it is the biggest unit described by the longest line. The shortened of inches is 'in' and the symbol is " (double prime). For instance, 7 inches can be written as 7in or 7''.

Simple Feet to Inches (ft to in) Conversion Formula

The conversion formula for feet to inches is the distance (d) in inches (") is equal to the distance d in feet (ft) times 12:

d(in) = d(ft) × 12

Ft to in Conversion Scale


Feet to Inches Chart

Here we have also given the conversion chart of feet and inches along with the free online feet to inches calculator converter tool to compute your calculations at a faster pace. Look at the below ft to in conversion table:

Feet (ft) Inches (")
0.01 ft 0.12"
0.1 ft 1.2"
0.2 ft 2.4"
0.3 ft 3.6"
0.4 ft 4.8"
0.5 ft 6.0"
0.6 ft 7.2"
0.7 ft 8.4"
0.8 ft 9.6"
0.9 ft 10.8"
1 ft 12"
2 ft 24"
3 ft 36"
4 ft 48"
5 ft 60"
6 ft 72"
7 ft 84"
8 ft 96"
9 ft 108"
10 ft 120"
100 ft 1200"

Manual Procedure on How to Convert Feet into Inches

Above is the manual process to convert foot to inch. Need more unit conversion tools then visit our online webportal.


How many inches are you if you are 5 foot 2?


Given input is 5 foot 2

Now, you can change unit length in inches

To calculate the feet to inches, the formula is inches = ft * 12

in = ft * 12

in = 5ft * 12

in = 60

But, to convert 5 ft 2 in into inches we have to multiply 5 with 12 and add 2 to the result.

Thus, 60 + 2 = 62 inches or 62''

Hence, the conversion of 5 foot 2 inches into inches is 62 inches.

    • First and foremost, take the measurement from the given question or else take the measuring tape or ruler and measure in feet.
    • Now, the conversion calculation begins. Apply the simple ft to in conversion formula ie., multiply feet with 12 (in = ft x 12).
    • After simplification, round the result to the desired number of decimal places.
    • Thus, you can avail the final result of foot to inch conversion.

FAQs on Feet to Inches (ft to in) Conversion Calculator with Steps

1. How many inches in 5 7 feet?

If the height of the boy is 5 7 feet (5'7'') then the conversion into inches can be calculated as multiply 5 with 12 and add 7 inches to it. Thus, 5 x 12 + 7 = 67 inches.

2. How do you calculate feet into inches without a calculator?

For conversion between feet and inches, you have to multiply the number by 12 as we know 1 foot is equal to 12 inches.

3. What is 5.5 ft in feet and inches?

5.5 ft in feet and inches is 5'6'' (5 feet and 6 inches).

4. Where can I find feet to inches online calculator?

You can find feet to inches online calculator from is a reliable and trusted web portal that provides free online tools for chemistry concepts.