Hydrogen Ion Concentration Calculator

By using this quick Hydrogen Ion Concentration Calculator you can find out the H+ Ion Concentration easily. You just have to enter the pH values in the allotted input sections and tap on the calculate button and the calculator will fetch you the result.

H+ Ion Concentration Calculator: Are you working in a scientific laboratory you might need to determine H+ Ion concentration at some point or the other. In such cases you can simply use our Hydrogen Ion Concentration Calculator and it will give you the H+ Concentration of Aqueous Solution. In fact, for your knowledge we have explained clearly on What is the Formula of Hydrogen Ion Concentration in a Solution, How to use the Hydrogen Ion Concentration Calculator, Solved Examples on finding H+ given the pH values step by step.

What is Hydrogen Ion Concentration?

Hydrogen Ion Concentration is used to determine the acidity of water. It is one of the most important parameter in the water chemistry since most of the processes involved in water treatment depend on pH.

H+ Ion Concentration Formula

Hydrogen Ion Concentration in a Solution can be found if pH of the Solution is known based on the relation between them. pH = -log10[H+]

Using this formula we can rearrange [H+] = 10-pH

  • If the pH increases hydrogen ion concentration decreases
  • If the pH decreases hydrogen ion concentration increases.

How to Calculate the H+ Ions Concentration?

Follow the simple guidelines present here regarding how to find the Hydrogen Ions Concentration. They are as such

  • Firstly, obtain the pH value from the given data.
  • Then determine the 10 to the power of negative pH
  • The simplified result is nothing but the required Hydrogen Ion Concentration.

Example 1: Calculate [H+] from a known pH. Find [H+] if pH = 9.5


Given pH= 9.5

In general, we know the formula to find [H+] = 10-pH

Substituting the input values we have [H+] = 10-9.5

[H+] = 0.0000000003162M

Therefore,[H+] is 0.0000000003162M.

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FAQs on Hydrogen Ion Concentration Calculator

1. What does high concentration of H+ ions indicate?

High concentration of H+ ions indicate an acidic solution.

2. What is H+ concentration of pH?

Hydrogen Ion Concentration is equal to the 10 to the power of negative pH Value.

3. How do you Calculate Hydrogen Ion Concentration from pH?

We can calculate Hydrogen Ion Concentration from pH using the Formula [H+] = 10-pH

4. Does more hydrogen mean lower pH?

In general, Hydrogen Ion Concentration is inversely proportional to pH. Thus, more hydrogen ion concentration means lower pH.