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The Ionic Formula Calculator quickly calculates the formula of an ionic compound and the net ionic charge. To examine the ionic radii, net ionic charge, and formula, enter the ionic bond name and press the calculate button.

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What Does Ionic Compound Mean?

Ionic compounds are those that include both a cation and an anion in chemistry. Ions with opposing charges are closely packed to create crystalline solids. When metals react with non-metals, ionic compounds are formed.

In an ionic compound, the number of cation and anion is always equal. They are made up of ionic units that have a specific charge. In other words, the total number of positive charges on the cation equals the total number of negative charges on the anion in an ionic molecule. In most cases, an ionic compound is made up of a mix of metals and non-metals.

How to Determine Ionic Formula of an Ionic Compound?

Learn How to find the formula for an ionic compound by referring below

  • Find out what cation is and write down the symbol as well as the charge.
  • Likewise, identify the anion and record the symbol and charge.
  • Finally, mix the cation and anion to create an electrically neutral molecule.

How to use an Ionic Calculator?

The following are the steps on how to use the Ionic Calculator. They are as beneath

  • In the input field, type the name of the ionic chemical.
  • To retrieve the result, click the "Ionic Formula" button.
  • In the new window, the ionic formula for the ionic compound will be displayed.

FAQ’s on Ionic Calculator

1. How can you tell if a substance is ionic?

Binary compounds (compounds comprising two elements) can have either ionic or covalent bonding.

  • The bonding of a composite made up of metal and non-metal is ionic.
  • When two non-metals are combined to form a compound, the bonding is covalent.


2. Is it possible to discern whether a formula is ionic or molecular?

Compounds involving a metal binding with either a non-metal or a semi-metal will exhibit ionic bonding as a general principle. Compounds containing only non-metals or semi-metals with non-metals are categorised as molecular compounds since they have covalent bonding.

3. What is meant by an Ionic Compound?

Ionic compounds are those that include both a cation and an anion in chemistry.