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The Ionic Strength Calculator is a handy tool used for determining the Ionic Strength of a Solution. All you need to do is simply enter the concentration, valance/oxidation of a species and click on the calculate button to avail the Ionic Strength in no time.

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What is Meant by Ionic Strength?

Ionic Strength is nothing but the concentration of ions in a solution. Ionic Strength is an important property of an electrolytic solution. Units of Ionic Strength are ionic strength is mol/L of solution (mole per litre) or mol/kg of solvent (mole per kilogram).

Ionic Strength Formula

A solution's ionic strength is determined by the ionic concentration and charge of the ions. The formula for calculating ionic strength is as follows:

I = ½ ∑i=1n cizi2

  • I= Ionic strength is a term used to describe how strong an ion is.
  • ∑- Values added together;
  • ci - ion concentration;
  • Ion charges squared (zi2)

Purpose of Calculating Ionic Strength

The ionic strength of a solution is essential in many other chemical concepts. The following studies are noteworthy:

Debye-Huckel Hypothesis: This idea explains electrolytes' peculiar behaviour. The activity coefficients of ions are estimated using diluted solutions with a predefined ionic strength in this theory.

Double-Layer Theory: When an object is introduced to a charged fluid, two charged layers surround it, according to the double-layer theory. For aqueous solutions with ionic strengths closer to water, this idea holds true.

Constant Determination of Stability: The equilibrium constant for a complex in solution is called stability constant. This metric is used to calculate a complex's concentration in an ionic solution, and the electrolytes and their ionic strengths determine its value.

FAQ’s on Ionic Strength Calculator

1. What is the formula for Ionic Strength?

The ionic strength formula is I = ½ ∑i=1n cizi2

2. What is meant by Ionic Strength?

Ionic Strength is nothing but the measure of ion concentration in the solution. On dissolving ionic compounds in water it dissociates into ions and the characteristic of solution with dissolved ions is known as ionic strength.

3. How to find Ionic Strength?

To find Ionic Strength simply multiply the ionic concentration with square of ion charges. Now add all products and divide the result by 2 to obtain the ionic strength.