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Take help of quick online tool Equilibrium Constant(kp) Calculator and convert the equilibrium constant Kc to Kp. Simply enter the inputs in the inpit fields and then tap on the calculate button to avail the equlibrium constant in terms of partial pressure kp.

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What is meant by Kp?

Change is not permanent in certain reactions and at times products can form reactants. If both forward and backward reactions occur simultaneously then it is said to be a reversible reaction. In the case of reversible reactions, you can determine the equilibrium constant using molar concentration kc of chemicals. Reaction is a*A + b*B ⇌ c*C + d*D

Equlibrium Constant in terms of Concentration Kc = ([C]c * [D]d) / ([B]b * [A]a)

  • Where, [A] and [B] are molar concentrations of reactants
  • [C] and [D] are molar concentrations of products

Equilibrium Constant Formula in terms of Partial Pressure is given by Kp = (Pcc * Pdd) / (Pbb * Paa)

  • Where, Pa and Pb are Partial Pressures of Reactants
  • Pc and Pd are Partial Pressures of Products

How to find Kp from Kc?

Follow the step by step process listed below to convert between Kp to Kc

  • Firstly, determine the equlibrium constant kc, temperature, no. of moles of products and reactants.
  • Obtain the difference between moles of products and reactants.
  • Now perform Multiplication of the gas constant and temperature.
  • Find the product to the power of the above difference.
  • Now, multiply with the constant to get Kp.

Relationship between Kp and Kc

Relationship between Kp and Kc is given by the expression Kp = Kc * (R * T) Δn

  • Kp is the equilibrium constant in terms of pressure.
  • Kc is the equilibrium constant in terms of molarity.
  • R is the gas constant.
  • T is the temperature.
  • Δn is the change in the number of moles

How to find Equilibrium Constant Kp from Partial Pressures?

Go through the simple process mentioned below to find out the Equilibrium Constant Kp from Partial Pressures. They are as such

  • Step 1: Find out the partial pressures, coefficients of both reactants and products.
  • Step 2: Find the partial pressure to power of substance.
  • Step 3: Multiply both the reactants and products resultants.
  • Step 4: Divide the value of products with reactants so as to obtain the Equlibrium Constant Kp.

FAQ’s on Kp Calculator

1. How do you Calculate Kp?

You can calculate Kp by using the formula Kp = Kc * (R * T) Δn

2. What is the formula to find Kp using Partial Pressures?

The formula to find kp using Partial Pressures is given by expression Kp = (Pcc * Pdd) / (Pbb * Paa)

3. Where do I get best online calculator for finding Equilibrium Constant Kp?

You can find the best online calulator for Equlibrium Constant Kp on a trusted and reliable portal.

4. What is delta N in KP equation?

Delta N(Δn) is nothing but the difference between the total mole of gas on the product side to the total moles of gas on the reactants side.