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Find out the Mass Percentage of a Compound easily given the inputs like total mass of compound, total mass of a substance. You just need to tap on the calculate button and that's it our calculator does everything for you.

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Mass Percentage Definition

Mass Percentage is nothing but the ratio of total mass of a singular compound to the larger mass of a substance. In other words, we can put it as way of expressing concentration. It can be used to determine the mass of solute in a given mass of solution.

Mass Percentage Formula

The following equation can be used to determine the mass of a compound in a substance. Mass Percentage = (Component's Mass/ Total Mass)*100% or Percentage of Mass = (Solute's Mass/Mass of Solution)*100%

How to Determine Mass Percentage?

Follow the simple steps listed below to find out the mass percent. They are as follows

  • Firstly, determine the equation of mass percent of a compound. The formula to compute mass percentage = (mass of chemical÷total mass of compound) x 100
  • Now, find out the entire mass of a compound. If you know the masses of elements then simply add them together to find the entire mass of ultimate compound and this is usually the denominator in the formula.
  • Identify the mass of a chemical in question and this is the numerator in the mass percent computation formula.
  • Plug the variables you have found in the earlier steps in the respective mass percentage formula.
  • Solve the equation further to find out the mass percent value instantly.

Solved Examples for Mass Percent

Question 1: Calculate the grams of NaOCl (8.15% by mass) in 300 grams of a billboard bleach?


Given Mass Percent = 8.15%

Mass of Solution = 300 gms

We know the formula to calculate Mass Percent = (Solute’s mass / solution’ mass) x 100%

Rearranging this we can obtain the Grams of Solute = (Mass Percent * Solution's Mass)/100

Grams of Solute = (8.15*300)/100 = 24.45 gms

Therefore, Grams of Solute is equal to 24.45 grams

FAQ’s on Mass Percentage

1. What do you mean by Mass Percentage?

Mass Percentage is the way of expressing the concentration of an element in a compound or compound in a mixture.

2. How do you find the mass percent?

You can find the mass percent by simply dividing the total mass of compound with total mass of the substance and then multiplying the result with 100.

3. What is the formula of mass percentage?

Mass Percentage Formula is given by the expression Mass percent = (Component’s Mass ÷ Total Mass) x 100%.

4. Where do I get the Best Mass Percentage Calculator for free?

You can get the Best Mass Percentage Calculator for free on a trusted website for all your needs.