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Last Updated : May 09, 2023

Metal Weight Calculator is a user-friendly tool that is useful to compute the weight of metal. All you have to do is select alloy name, item shape, diameter, thickness, number of pieces, and hit the calculate button to acquire the metal weight in a fraction of seconds.

Metal Weight Formula

The basic weight calculation equation is weight = volume x density.

The total metal weight of elements formula is along the lines:

total weight = volume * density * number of pieces

Metal Weight Chart:

The density of different alloys are mentioned here:

Alloy Density in kg/m³
Admiralty brass 8525
Aluminum (average) 2700
Babbit 7270
Brass 8500
Cadmium 8690
Chromium 7150
Cobalt 8860
Copper 8960
Gold 19300
Iron 7870
Iron (cast) 7300 (on average)
Iron (wrought) 7740
Lead 11340
Nickel 8900
Platinum 21500
Silver 10500
Steel 7860
Steel (stainless) 7950

How to use Metal Weight Calculator?

Below listed are the simple guidelines and rules to calculate the metal weight of an element easily.

  • Select the material/alloy name from the given list.
  • In the same way select the alloy number.
  • Choose anyone shape from circular, flat, hexagonal, octogonal, rectangle, pipe, plate, tube, rectangular tube, ring, round, sheet, square, and square tube.
  • Enter the details in number of pieces, gauge, width, and length fields.
  • Hit on the calculate button.
  • It will display one metal wight, total metal weight.

FAQ's on Metal Weight Calculator

1. How to calculate the weight of a metal?

You have to select the metal type and shape of the metal element, and their dimensions to get the total metal weight as output.

2. What is the formula for steel weight calculation?

The steel weight formula = volume of the steel item x density of steel.

3. What are the different shapes of metals?

The different metal element shapes are circular prism, rectangular prism, octagonal prism, hexagonal prism, wire, tube, ring based prism, cube, sphere, ring, and others.

4. What are the units of weight?

The weight units are gram, kilogram, tonne, milligram, microgram, and gigatonne.