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Take the help of the online Mixing Ratio Calculator to find the amounts and percentages of the substances needed to make a mixture of your own choice. This tool just takes either the mass or volume of every substance and provides their percentages in the total mixture.

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What is the Mixing Ratio?

The mixing ratio is nothing but the amount of every substance present in the total mixture when compared to the total amount of the mixture. The amount of every substance can be represented as a percentage of 100% of the mixture. The addition of all substances percentages in the mixture should give 100%.

Mixing Ratio Formula is Substance Percentage = (Substance amount * 100%)/Total amount of mixture

Steps to Find Mixing Ratio

Follow the guidelines and rules to calculate the mixing ratio of the substances.

  • Make a note of the mass or volume of each substance.
  • Take the addition of all substances amounts as 100%.
  • Now, compute every substance mixing ratio by substituting the values in the mixing ratio formula.


If we mix 150 ml of blue, 250 ml of yellow, 200 ml of green, 180 ml of orange, and 220 ml of white paints to get a new colour. What is the new colour mixing ratio?


Given that,

Blue paint = 150 ml

Yellow paint = 250 ml

Green paint = 200 ml

Orange paint = 180 ml

White paint = 220 ml

Total amount of paint = 1000 ml

The formula of mixing ratio is Substance Percentage = (Substance amount * 100%)/Total amount of mixture

Blue percentage = (150 * 100)/1000 = 15%

Yellow percentage = (250 * 100)/1000 = 25%

Green percentage = (200 * 100)/1000 = 20%

Orange percentage = (180 * 100)/1000 = 18%

White percentage = (220 * 100)/1000 = 22%

FAQs on Free Mixing Ratio Calculator

1. What is the mixing ratio used for?

In forensic studies of microclimate, the mixing ratios are used to study the effects of infiltration.

2. Does the mixing ratio depends on temperature?

Saturation mixing ratios depend on temperature and pressure.

3. How to use the mixing ratio calculator?

Just enter the substance's mass or volume details as inputs and hit the calculate button to get the percentage of mixing ratio of each substance.

4. What is the mixing ratio of water vapour?

The mixing ratio of water vapour is defined as q=ρw/ρ, where ρw is the water vapour density, and ρ is the density of dry air.