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To get molar concentration as output, we need to give inputs i.e number of moles and volume of solution in (cm3/ mm3/m3/cubic inch/cubic liter/liter/milliliters/centilitres etc.) then hit the calculate button. By using this calculator we can calculate not only molar concentration but also volume of solution and number of moles by providing exact inputs to it.

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Molar Concentration - Definition

Molar concentration is a measure of a chemical species, in particular of a solute in a solution.,in terms of amount of substance per unit volume of solution. SI units mol per liter. In chemistry , molar concentration is also called Molarity (M), defined as the number of moles of the solute or substances dissolved per liter of the solution( not per liter of solvent).

Molar Concentration Formula

The formula for molar concentration is the amount of moles per volume of the solution i.e. M= n/v. Its units are moles per liter.

  • M is molar concentration
  • n is number of moles
  • v is volume of the solution

How to Calculate Molar Concentration using Calculator?

The procedure to calculate the molar concentration by using a molar concentration calculator is as follows

  • Enter the values of number of moles and volume of solution in ( cm3/mm3/m3/cubic inch/cubic lit/milliliters/centiliters etc)
  • Click on the calculate button
  • Finally, you will get the molar concentration of the chemical solution.

Molar Concentration Examples

Question 1:

Find the molar concentration of sulphuric acid , 2.355g of sulphuric acid and volume of solution is 50.0ml ?


Given that, Mass of sulphuric acid = 2.355g

Volume of solution = 50ml = 0.050lit

Molecular weight of sulphuric acid =98.09g/mol

First we find the number of moles present in the solution, Mole = mass/ molecular weight

= 2.3355/98.08= 0.02401moles

Substitute the number of moles obtained above in formula, Molar concentration = number of moles/ volume of the solution

= 0.02401/0.050

= 0.48M

Molar concentration of sulphuric acid is 0.48M

Question 2:

Find the molar concentration of acetic acid,0.1665 moles , completely dissolved in1.25lit of water?


Given that, Number moles(n) = 0.1665

Volume(v) = 1.25lit

Substituting in formula we have M = n/v = 0.1665/1.25

= 0.1332M

Molar concentration of acetic acid is 0.1332M

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FAQ’s on Molar Concentration Calculator

1. What is meant by molar concentration?

Molar concentration is defined as the number of moles of a substance ,dissolved per liter of solution. Also called molarity (M).

2. What is the molar concentration formula?

The formula for Molar concentration(M) = number of moles(n) per volume (v) i.e. m=n/v

3. What is the unit of Molar concentration?

SI unit of Molar concentration is mol/L (i.e moles/liter)

4. How to find Molar Concentration without volume?

Concentration C = Mass of the solute / Total mass of the solution

5. What is molar concentration of water?

Standard state for a liquid is the pure liquid, so the standard state of water is pure water, whose concentration is 55.5M .

6. What is the importance of molar concentration?

Molarity is very important in chemistry,it is the measurement of concentration in any mixture. The molarity of any solution is a way to know the specific elements or compounds which are present in any way .