Molar Ratio Calculator

Take advantage of this mole ratio calculator tool that helps you to calculate the ratio of mole between the different chemical reacted and different chemicals produced. If you want to use this easy to use mole ratio calculator tool, you need to provide the inputs in the given boxes and hit the calculate button.

Mole Ratio Calculator: Are you wondering what is molar ratio and how to calculate it? Then join us in the article, that helps you to determine the molar ratio easily in fraction of seconds. Learn the importance of molar ratio with definitions, formulas, and with some steps and solved examples. And also know more information like how to calculate molar ratio and many other.

What is Molar Ratio?

A ratio between the number of moles of reactants consumed and the number of moles of products generated in a chemical reaction is called molar ratio. In solving stoichiometry problems, ratio is used as conversation factors between a reactant and product. In other words, molar ratio can be called as mole-to-mole ratio.

Formula of molar ratio can be given as,

Molar Ratio = ( [Combustion amount of 2nd element] / [Molar mass of second element] ) / ( [Combustion amount of 1st element] / [Molar mass of first element] )

How to Calculate Molar Ratio?

Now, here you will understand how to calculate the molar ratio step-by-step easily by hand. Go through the steps carefully that are given below.

  • Note down the values that are given in the problem and also the element values which are already known.
  • Find the molar mass of first and second element.
  • Now, apply the formula.
  • Next, substitute the values in the formula.
  • By simplifying it you will get the answer easily.
  • You can change the answer in molar ratio form.

Example Problem to Find Molar Ratio

Question: Find the mole ratio of N2 H2 if it has the combustion of 1.5g of N and 3.5 g of H2 for this chemical reactionN+ 2H2 = 2NH2


Given that,

Combustion of N = 1.5 g

Combustion of H= 3.5g

As we already know that,

Molar Mass of H =1.008

Hence Molar mass of H2 = 1.008 x 2 =2.016

Molar Mass of the N =14.0067

Hence Molar mass of N2 = 14.0067 x 2 = 28.013.

Fomula of molar ratio is,

Molar Ratio = ( [Combustion amount of 2nd element] / [Molar mass of second element] ) / ( [Combustion amount of 1st element] / [Molar mass of first element] )

Substitute the values in the formula,

= ( 3.5 / 2.016 ) / ( 1.5 / 28.013 )

= 1.7361 / 0.05354 = 32.426

Therefore,  the molar ratio is 1 : 32.426. website has many other chemistry calculator tools that provides you with quick results.  These tools works best for you in your busy schedule.

FAQs on Molar Ratio Calculator

1. How do you calculate the molar ratio?

To calculate the molar ratio from the molecular weight, You need the mass of each substance.

  • Convert the molecular weight of first and second substance into its molar mass.
  • Divide the mass of first/second substance by its molar mass to obtain number of moles used in the reaction.
  • Then you will get the molar ratio easily.

2. How to use molar ratio calculator?

All you need to do is, simply give the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button, then you will get the results easily and quickly.

3. What is the formula of molar ratio?

Molar Ratio = ( [Combustion amount of 2nd element] / [Molar mass of second element] ) / ( [Combustion amount of 1st element] / [Molar mass of first element] )