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Molar volume calculator gives the molar volume of an ideal gas at different conditions in no time. To get molar volume as output,we need to give inputs i.e.molar mass in( grams/ kg/milligram/microgram etc.) and density of the gas in(gram per liter/gram per milliliter/milligram per liter/kg per liter etc.) then click the calculate button.

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Molar Volume

Molar Volume - Definition

The molar volume is the volume occupied by one mole of a substance which may be an element or compound at degree centigrade and pressure (STP). it is equal to the molar mass divided by the mass density. It has the SI unit of cubic meters per mole (m3/mol), although it is typically moore practical to use the units cubic decimeters per mole(dm3/mol) for gases,and cubic centimeters per mole(cm3/mol) for liquids and solids.

The molar volume of any gas is 22.4 dm3 per mol at STP or 24 dm3 per mole at room conditions.where STP is standard temperature and pressure.

Molar Volume Formula

The molar volume of a substance is directly proportional to molar mass and inversely proportional to density.the formula for molar volume is Vm = Molar Mass / Density

  • Where Vm is the molar volume
  • The standard temperature is 273 kelvin or 0° C.
  • The standard pressure is 1atm or 760mm

How to use Molar Volume Calculator?

The procedure to calculate the molar volume by using molar volume calculator is as follows

  • Enter the values of molar mass in grams and density in grams/L of the substances.
  • Click on the calculate button
  • Finally you will get the value of molar volume of given substances.

Molar Volume Examples

Question 1:

Calculate the molar volume for a sample of the molar mass of CO2. if the gas density is 1.85g/L ?


Given that,

Density of the gas = 1.85 g/L

Molar mass of the CO2 = 44 g /mol

Vm = Molar Mass / density

Where , Vm is molar volume

Vm =44/ 1.85

= 23.78 liters

Therefore , the molar volume of CO2 is 23.78 liters.

Question 2:

Calculate the molar mass of the gas, has a molar volume of 24 liters and density of 1.25 g/L ?


Given that,

Molar volume of gas = 24L

Density of the gas = 1.25 g/L

Vm = Molar Mass / density

Where, Vm is molar volume

24 = molar mass/ 1.25

Molar mass = 24*1.25


Therefore, the molar mass of gas is 30g

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FAQ’s on Molar Volume Calculator

1. What is meant by molar volume?

The molar volume is defined as the volume of one mole of substance at the specific temperature and is represented by the notation Vm.

2. What is the formula for molar volume?

The formula for molar volume is Molar volume(Vm) =Molar mass divided by Density.

3. What are the dimensions for molar volume?

It has the SI unit of liter per mole or cubic meters per mole(m3/mol). For solids and liquids cubic centimeter per mole(cm3/mol) For gases cupid decimeters per mole(dm3/mol)

4. What is the molar volume of water?

At STP conditions, water occupies 1cc per gram space. 1 mole of water weight is 18g. So the molar volume is 18cc.

5. Which gas has the smallest molar volume at STP?

Helium, the noble gas with least molar mass will have the smallest density.