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Use our Mole Calculator to convert from grammes to moles or to calculate the molecular weight in a matter of seconds. To obtain the result in the blink of an eye, simply enter the data in the input field and press the calculate button.

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Mole Formula

formula = Mass / Molar Mass

What exactly is a Mole?

A mole is indeed a unit of measurement in chemistry. Simultaneously, working in a laboratory with minor or microscopic amounts of materials and other atoms based on experiments. It acts as a connecting connection between the two of them. Chemists mostly use it to weigh out the amount of two compounds. A mole includes an identical quantity of Avogadro's constant, according to the International System of Units (SI). 6.022 x 1023 representative particles make up 1 mol.

How can you figure out how many moles are there?

Let's look at how to compute moles using the lines provided below. We've picked some examples and tried to explain them to you to understand the concept better. Here's how to convert moles to grams.

  • To begin, figure out how many moles are there in a given problem.
  • Now, without making any errors, compute the molar z solution.
  • To determine mole mass, you'll need to utilise a simple formula.

To convert a mole to a gramme, use the formula mole = molecular mass/weight (also multiply both the sides with mass). Molecular weight = mole * mass (divide both the sides with mole)

How to Work Out Moles?

Because the mole is a unit of measurement, every material has the same number of atoms, molecules, and other particles in one mole.

You could be asking how to figure out how many moles a substance has based on its mass, volume, or quantity. We'll show you how to convert mass to moles in only a few steps if you follow along.

Step 1: Determine the molar mass

The molar mass of the chemical equation is the first step in determining the amount of moles of a substance. G/mol is a common unit of measurement for molar mass.

Calculate molar mass by first determining the number of atoms in the molecular formula, then multiplying the atomic masses of each element to obtain the molecular weight. On the periodic table, you can find the atomic mass.

Example: Let's look up the molar mass of water, for instance (H2O).

Two parts hydrogen (H) and one component oxygen (O) make up H2O. (O). Hydrogen has an atomic mass of 1.00794 and oxygen has an atomic mass of 15.9994. Because each molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, the formula should be: molar mass = 1.00794 + 1.00794 + 15.9994

As a result, H2O has a molar mass of 18.01528. Of course, if you wouldn't have the molar mass and would like to bypass this step, you could use our molar mass calculator to quickly determine a substance's molecular mass.

Step 2: Converting Mass to Moles.

Now that you know the substance's molar mass, you can use the total mass in grammes to compute the quantity in moles. Formula for converting mass to moles

n = m / M and The mass m in grammes divided by the molar mass M in g/mol equals the quantity of material n in moles.

Mole Conversion Examples

Example 1: Calculate the mole quantity of 25 grammes of oxygen gas, for example (O2). Oxygen has a molar mass of 31.9988 g/mol?


n = 25 divided by 31.9988

n = 0.78128 mol

As a result, 25 grammes of oxygen is equal to 0.78128 moles.You can use our grammes to moles converter to quickly convert grammes to moles and moles back to mass, or you can use the calculator above.

How to Calculate the Volume of a Gas in Moles?

Converting the volume of an ideal gas to moles is a little different than mass conversion. You'll still employ a formula, but the molar mass of the substance isn't required for the conversion.

mol = volume [L]/22.4 The volume of ideal gas in litres divided by 22.4 L/mol equals the quantity of material in moles. For this conversion, you can also use our litres to moles calculator.

Molecules to Molecules: How to Transform Molecules to Molecules

The equation for turning molecules to moles differs somewhat from the formula for transferring mass and volume.

mol = molecules/6.02214076 × 1023

The number of molecules divided by the Avogadro constant (6.02214076 × 1023) equals the quantity of stuff in moles. Our atoms to moles converter makes converting atoms or molecules to moles simple.

FAQ’s on Mole Calculations

1. How do you convert moles to grammes?

To convert a substance's moles to grammes, multiply the substance's mole value by its molar mass.

2. What is the significance of 6.022 x1023 for a mole?

The mole (abbreviated mol) is the SI unit of measurement for the quantity of atoms, protons, or neutrons. It's the amount of a material that has the same number of particles as atoms in 12 grammes of pure carbon-12. As a result, one mol of a substance has 6.022*1023 elementary entities.

Moles = mass of the substance in grams/molecular weight.

3.2 moles equals how many litres?

At STP, molar volume can be used to convert between moles and gas volume, and vice versa. The conversion factor is based on the equality of 1 mole = 22.4 L.

4. What's the best way to make 1n HCl?

We get 1 N HCl by adding 8.33mL to 100 L of water.