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The Moles to Grams Calculator is a free online tool that provides mole to grams conversions. Online moles to grammes converters speed up the process by displaying the conversion value in a matter of seconds.

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What Does Moles to Grams Mean?

The moles to grammes conversion is a chemistry term that refers to the transformation of moles into grammes. The number of compounds is determined using these measurements. Multiply the mass of the substance by the molecular weight/ formula weight to convert moles to grammes. In other words, it's the sum of a substance's mass and its molecular weight. As a result, the formula for converting moles to grammes is Molecular weight = mass of the material (in moles) in grammes

How to use Moles to Grams Converter?

The following is how to use the moles to grammes calculator

  • In the input field, enter the moles and formula weight.
  • To receive the conversion value, click the "Solve" button.
  • Finally, the conversion from moles to grammes will be presented in the output area.

Examples on Moles to Grams Conversion

Example 1: 3.79 moles of calcium bromide, CaBr2, equals how many grammes?


First, use the periodic table and the number of elements in the formula to calculate the molar mass of calcium bromide.

Ca = 40.08 g/mole * 1 = 40.08

40.08+159.80 = 199.88 g/mole

Br = 79.90g/mol*2 = 159.80

Multiply the number of moles by the molar mass to get the molar mass i.e. 3.79 moles*199.98 gm/mole = 758 gms CaBr2

Example 2: What is the mass of 0.572 moles of glucose, C6H12O6?


C= 12.01 g/mole *6 = 72.06

72.06+12.12=96.0=180.18 g/mole

H = 1.01 g/mole *12 = 12.12

O= 16.00 g/mole * 6 = 96.00

0.572 moles*180.18 gm/mole = 103 gramsC6H12O6

FAQ’s on Moles to Grams Converter

1. A gramme equals how many moles?

1 gramme equals 0.0087094358027487 moles.

2. In chemistry, what does mole mean?

The mole is the amount of substance in a system that includes the same number of elementary entities as there are atoms in 0.012 kilogramme of carbon 12; it is denoted by the sign "mol." It's worth noting that a mole is defined as a quantity of stuff. The number of moles of a material is commonly referred to as the substance's quantity.

3. How can you get atoms from moles?

1 mole = 6.0221023 6.022 10 23 atoms, molecules, protons, etc. The molar amount is multiplied by Avogadro's number to convert from moles to atoms.