Ounces to Grams Calculator

Here is the saviour to convert ounces to grams ie., Convert Ounces to Grams Calculator that multiplies the mass value by 28.3495 in a fraction of seconds and display the output with step-by-step explanation.

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Ounces to Grams Calculator: Students who are struggling to calculate the complex problems on conversion of ounces into grams can go with this online Ounces to Grams Calculator. It is a free and handy conversion calculator for units of ounces and grams. Simply it takes the ounce value in the input box and display the output in grams with just one click. Also, find the meaning of ounce to gram conversion with definitions, conversion formula, and steps to convert with illustrated example from this guide.

How to Calculate Ounces to Grams Manually?

The following are the simple steps that helps you to learn how to calculate oz to g unit conversion:

  • In 1 ounce there are 28.349523125 grams
  • To convert ounces to grams, we have to multiply the mass value by 28.34952.
  • Simplify the calculations and get the desired result in grams.


Convert 45 ounces to grams and verify the result with ounce to grams calculator?


Given that ounce mass value is 45 oz

The formula to convert oz to g is as follows:

grams = ounces x 28.34952

Now, put the mass value in the simple conversion formula

g = 45 x 28.3495
g = 1275.73

Thus, 45 ounces is converted into 1275.73 grams.

ounces to grams calculator

Ounces to Grams Formula

The conversion formula for ounce to grams is defined as the mass in grams is equal to the mass in ounce times 28.34952.

m(g) = m(oz) x 28.34952


g = oz / o.035274

Quick Oz to Gram Conversion Chart

  • 1 oz to gram = 28.34952 gram
  • 2 oz to gram = 56.69905 gram
  • 3 oz to gram = 85.04857 gram
  • 4 oz to gram = 113.39809 gram
  • 5 oz to gram = 141.74762 gram
  • 6 oz to gram = 170.09714 gram
  • 7 oz to gram = 198.44666 gram
  • 8 oz to gram = 226.79619 gram

Ounces to Grams Conversion Table

Ounces (oz) Grams (g) Kilograms+Grams (kg+g)
10 oz 283.50 g 0 kg 283.50 g
20 oz 566.99 g 0 kg 566.99 g
30 oz 850.49 g 0 kg 850.49 g
40 oz 1133.98 g 1 kg 133.98 g
50 oz 1417.48 g 1 kg 417.48 g
60 oz 1700.97 g 1 kg 700.97 g
70 oz 1984.47 g 1 kg 984.47 g
80 oz 2267.96 g 2 kg 267.96 g
90 oz 2551.46 g 2 kg 551.46 g
100 oz 2834.95 g 2 kg 834.95 g
1000 oz 28349.52 g 28 kg 349.52 g

FAQs on Conversion Ounces to Grams Calculator with Steps

1. What does 1 oz mean in grams?

1 ounces means 28 g in grams unit of mass.

2. How do you measure ounces into grams?

We measure ounces into grams by multiplying the number of ouces by 28.34952 and attains final result in grams.

3. What is 10 g equal to in ounces?

10 grams(g) is equal to 0.3527 ounces(oz).

4. Where ounces to grams converter calculator found?

You can find the ounces to grams converter calculator from chemistrycalc.com as it is a reliable and trusted web portal that provide all unit conversion calculator along with all chemistry concepts tools.