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Convert Ounces to Tons Calculator is a handy & user-friendly tool that divides the mass value by the unit conversion ratio and converts in desired weight ie., tons. Simply give the ounce value in the input field and click on the calculate button to convert ounce(oz) to ton(t) within a matter of seconds.

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How To Calculate Ounces to Tons Conversion?

By using the simple conversion formula of ounce to tons, we can easily convert ounce to tonne. Simply follow the below steps and do your complex calculations quickly & efficiently.

  • First and foremost, identify the given unit of weight and consider that 1 ounce is equal to 3.125 x 10-5 Tons.
  • Since 1 oz =3.125e-5 t, we can divide the mass value by 32000.
  • After dividing the values, we get the desired output in tons unit of weight.

Look at the worked-out example of ounce to ton conversion from the below module and learn how easily you can calculate the unit conversion manually.

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How many tons in 5 ounces?


Given Ounces = 5 oz

To find the tons, apply the simple oz to t conversion formula

tons = ounces ÷ 32,000

tons = 5 ÷ 32,000

tons = 0.00015625 t

Hence, 0.00015625 tons in 5 ounces after converting oz to t.

Definitions of Ounce & Tons?

Ounce: An ounce comes under mass unit measurement that is equal to 1/16 pound. Also, it is a US customary and imperial unit of weight. The short form of an ounce is 'oz' and it can be written as 1 oz.

Tons: A ton is a unit of weight and mass used in a metric system. A Tonne can also be noticeable as Metric Ton in SI System. In the UK, a ton is also referred to as a long ton equal to 2,240 avoirdupois pounds, or 1,016 kg.

In US and Canada, a Ton is also called a short ton equal to 2,000 pounds, or 908 kilograms. The abbreviation of a ton is 't' and one ounce is equivalent to 3.125 x 10^-5 Ton.

Simple Ounces to Tons Conversion Formula

The formula to convert oz to t is as given by

t = oz x 3.125 x 10-5


t = oz / 3200

Ounces to Tonnes Conversion Table/Chart

oz t
10000 0.2835
20000 0.567
30000 0.8505
40000 1.134
50000 1.4175
60000 1.701
70000 1.9845
80000 2.268
90000 2.5515
100000 2.835
110000 3.1184
120000 3.4019
130000 3.6854
140000 3.9689
150000 4.2524
160000 4.5359
170000 4.8194
180000 5.1029
190000 5.3864
200000 5.6699

Ounce to Ton (metric) Conversion Table

Ounce [oz] Ton [t]
0.01 oz 2.8349523125E-7 t
0.1 oz 2.8349523125E-6 t
1 oz 2.83495E-5 t
2 oz 5.6699E-5 t
3 oz 8.50486E-5 t
5 oz 0.0001417476 t
10 oz 0.0002834952 t
20 oz 0.0005669905 t
50 oz 0.0014174762 t
100 oz 0.0028349523 t
1000 oz 0.0283495231 t

FAQs on Free & Handy Ounce to Tonne Conversion Calculator

1. How many ounces are in a ton?

If you are looking for the answer to how many ounces to a ton then here it is, there are 32,000 ounces in a ton.

2. What is the correct equivalent of 2 tones to ounces?

As we know 1 ton is equal to 3200 ounces. To calculate the given tons to ounces, multiply the mass value by 3200. So, 2 tones is equal to 70547.88 ounces.

3. Where we can find the ounces to short tons calculator?

We can find the ounces to short tons calculator from the online calculator web portal called where it provides all chemistry concepts calculators along with unit conversion calculators.