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Wanna quickly interchange between Percentage Concentration to Molarity and needed a handy tool? Then this Percentage Concentration to Molarity Calculator can be of extreme help as it makes your calculations much simple. Simply enter the inputs like name of the solution, molar mass, density, percent and tap on the calculate button to get the molarity value in the blink of an eye.

Your Molar Mass

What does Molarity mean?

Molarity of a Solution is defined as the total number of moles of solute per liter of solution. Molarity is denoted by the letter or symbol 'M'. Usually, Concentrations are expressed in terms of molarity.

Percentage Concentration - Definition

Percentage Concentration is the measure for determining the amount of solute dissolved in every 100 units of solution. It is denoted by the symbol %.

Percentage Concentration to Molarity Formula

In order to determine the Molarity from Percentage Concentration use the following formula: Molarity = (Percentage concentration * Density ) / (Molar mass * 100). However, units related to the formula are as such

  • Molarity -> mol/dm³ = M = mol/L
  • Percentage concentration -> %
  • Density -> g/L = g/dm³ or g/mL or g/cm³ or kg/m³

If you want to find out Percentage Concentration then simply rearrange the above formula i.e. Percentage concentration = (Molarity * Molar mass * 100)/ Density

Molar Masses of Popular Substances

If you are unaware of molar masses of substances then simply use the below table to know the molar masses of some of the popular substances. Have a glance at the table below and learn the molar masses of different substances.

Substance Molar mass (g/mol)
Ammonia 17.03
Acetic acid 60.05
Ethanol 46.07
Formaldehyde 30.03
Glucose 180.16
Hydrochloric acid 36.46
Hydrogen peroxide 34.01
Nitric acid 63.01
Phosphoric acid 97.99
Potassium hydroxide 56.11
Sodium chloride 58.44
Sodium hydroxide 40.0
Sulfuric acid 98.08

How to find Molarity using Percentage Concentration Manually?

Follow the simple guidelines outlined here to know the procedure for converting percentage concentration to molarity. The process is as beneath

  • Step 1: Firstly, find out the percentage concentration, density, molar mass of given substances.
  • Step 2: Nextly, obtain the product of percentage concentration and density.
  • Step 3: Later on multiply molar mass of substance with 100.
  • Step 4: Now divide the product obtained in step 2 with the product obtained in step 3 to obtain the required molairy value.

How to use the Percentage Concentration to Molarity Calculator?

Follow the simple step by step guidelines mentioned below to know the functionality of percentage concentration to molarity calculator. They are as follows

  • Firstly, mention the inputs solution, density, molar mass of a substance, percentage concentration in the allotted fields of the tool.
  • After providing the respective inputs as per their units click on the calculatr button.
  • Now resultant molarity will be displayed on a new window showing the step by step process.

FAQs on Percentage Concentration to Molarity Calculator

1. What is Molarity Defined as?

Molarity is the amount of a substance in a certain volume of a solution.

2. How do you convert Percent Concentration to Molarity?

To convert from Percent Concentration to Molarity simply multiply the percentage concentration with density and then divide the result obtained with the product if molar mass and 100.

3. What is the formula to convert percentage concentration to molarity?

The formula to convert Percentage Concentration to Molarity is Molarity = (Percentage concentration * Density ) / (Molar mass * 100).

4. How to use the Percentage Concentration to Molarity Calculator?

All you have to do is simply enter the inputs like the solution, molar mass, density, percentage, molarity and then click on the calculate button to avail the molarity value in no time.