Polyatomic Ion Calculator

Take the advantage of our user-friendly Polyatomic Ion Calculator tool to get the scientific name and ionic compound of the ionic molecule entered. All you need to do is enter cation, and anion details and hit the calculate button to obtain the quick results i.e ionic compound name & formula.

Polyatomic Ion Calculator: It gives the chemical ionic compound name by using the given positive and negative ions. This tool provides the detailed step by step process on how to write ionic compound formula for the given cation, anions. You can also check polyatomic ionic formula for different charges.

Polyatomic Ion Formula

A polyatomic ion or molecular ion has two or more atoms covalently bonded. In an ionic compound, electrons are transferred to atoms and molecules imparting a charge on both donor and recipient of the electron. The following listed are few polyatomic ions ahving charges -1, -2, and -3.

Polyatomic Ion Charge = -1

  • acetate - C2H3O2-
  • chlorate - ClO3-
  • nitrate - NO3-
  • cyanate - OCN-
  • permanganate - MnO4-
  • bisulfate (or hydrogen sulfate) - HSO4-
  • cyanide - CN-
  • bicarbonate (or hydrogen carbonate) - HCO3-
  • thiocyanate - SCN-
  • perchlorate - ClO4-
  • hydroxide - OH-
  • nitrite - NO2-
  • chlorite - ClO2-
  • dihydrogen phosphate - H2PO4-

Polyatomic Ion Charge = -2

  • chromate - CrO42-
  • dichromate - Cr2O72-
  • carbonate - CO32-
  • hydrogen phosphate - HPO42-
  • peroxide - O22-
  • sulfate - SO42-
  • sulfite - SO32-
  • thiosulfate - S2O32-

Polyatomic Ion Charge = -3

  • phosphate - PO43-
  • borate - BO33-

How to Write Polyatomic Ion Formula?

  • Firstofall, remember that the positive ion is always listed first.
  • If there are 2 or more polyatomic ions in a formula, enclose the polyatomic ion in parentheses.
  • Exchange the number of actions or anions.
  • Balance the ions.
  • The result ionic compound is the formula.

To write the scientific name for the ionic compound, refer the above names and just write them.


Calculate the polyatomic ion for the given cation, anion.

Positive ion = K+

Negative ion = SO42-


Given that,

Positive ion = K+

Negative ion = SO42-

Write cation first followed by anion

So, K+ SO42-

Exchange charge between both ions.

It becomes K2SO4

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FAQ's on Polyatomic Ion Calculator

1. How many atoms are there in polyatomic molecules?

Polyatomic molecules are electrically neutral groups of three or more atoms that are held together by covalent bonds.

2. Why do polyatomic ions have a charge?

In a polyatomic ion, the group of covalently bonded atoms carry a net charge as the total number of electrons in the molecule is not equal to the total no of protons in the molecule.

3. How to write the formula for a polyatomic ion?

To write the formula for a polyatomic ion, get the cation and anion details. Write the cation and anions together, exchange their charges and write the charge as the quantity of the compound to get the formula.

4. How to use Polyatomic Ion Calculator?

Get cation and anion details in the input fields of the calculator. Click on the calculate button to find the polyatomic ion scientific name and formula.