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Utilize the PPM to Molarity Calculator over here and quickly learn how to convert between Parts Per Million to Molarity. You just need to enter the inputs PPM, Molar Mass of the Substance into the input fields of the calculator and then click on the calculate button to get the Molarity Value.

Molar Mass

PPM and Molarity - Definitions

Parts Per Million: It is nothing but the measure of the mass of a chemical substance or concentration per unit weight of water/solid or volume of one part of gas. Units of PPM is mg/L and 1PPM is equal to 0.000001 units. 

Molarity: It is nothing but the number of moles of a solute per liter of solution. In general, it denotes the concentration of a solution.

PPM to Molarity Formula

To find Molarity from PPM use the conversion formula here i.e. M= PPM/ mm / 1000. Use this equation to convert Parts Per Million to Molarity.

  • Where M is the Molarity
  • PPM is Parts Per Million
  • mm is the Molar Mass(g/mol)

How to Convert PPM to Molarity?

To convert Parts Per Million(PPM) to Molarity you just need one parameter i.e. molar mass of dissolved element or molecule.

  • Firstly, determine the PPM, Molar Mass of the Substance from the given question.
  • Next, employ these values in the equation to convert PPM to Molarity i.e. M = PPM/ mm / 1000.
  • Simplify the equation by performing mathematical calculations and get the Molarity Value.

How to find Molarity using Density and PPM?

To find out the molarity of the solution follow the steps listed below

  • Firstly, determine the solution's density i.e. in g/L.
  • Now, divide the solution's density with the solute's molar mass in g/mol.
  • The quotient obtained is nothing but the Molarity of the Solution and its units are mol/L.

If you have PPM Value simply substitute the density in place of PPM and multiply everything by 1000.

PPM to Molarity Conversion Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate Molarity if there is 480 PPM of Ca2+ ions and the molar mass of calcium ion is 50 g/mol?


Given PPM = 480 PPM
Molar Mass of Calcium Ion = 50 g/mol
Molarity = PPM/mm/1000
Substitute the know values in the equation of Molarity and simplify further
Molarity = 480/50/1000
= 0.0096M

FAQs on PPM to Molarity Calculator

1. How do you convert PPM to Molarity?

You can convert PPM to Molarity using the formula M = PPM/mm/1000.

2. How many PPMs are there in a Gram?

A Gram of Substance in a One Liter Solution has around 1000 PPMs.

3. What is meant by Molarity?

Molarity is defined as the number of moles per liter of solution.

4. What is the Unit of Molar Mass?

Molar Mass Units are g/MoL.