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Check out our best saponification value calculator tool that helps you to calculate the value of saponification by using acid for blank, acid for a sample, and normality. This calculator gives you instant results by inserting some values in the input fields and clicking on the calculate button.

What is Saponification?

In Chemistry, saponification is nothing but a chemical reaction where aqueous alkali converts fat, liquid, and oil into alcohol and soap. Sodium Oleate is a standard soap. Saponified materials are made of vegetable oils and animal fats. These oily compounds are known as triglycerides.

Saponification Value: The saponification value is the number of mg of KOH and the number of mg of NaOH is necessary to saponify one gram of fat under the stated conditions. It is also called as Koettstorfer number. Units of saponification is mg/g.

The formula of Saponification Value is,

SV = [56.1 * (b-s) n] / w


SV is the saponification value.

S is the Standard hydrochloric acid for the sample.

B is the Standard hydrochloric acid for blank.

w is the weight in grams of fat/oil.

N is the normality.

How to Determine Saponification Value?

Following are the guidelines that are given to determine the saponification value. Check out the steps below carefully.

  • Primarily, write down the values that are given in the problem.
  • Next, apply the formula, i.e, SV = [56.1 x (b-s) n] / w.
  • Then, substitute the values in it and simplify the equation.
  • Finally, you will get the saponification value.

Solved Example for Finding Saponification Value


Question: Calculate the saponification value, where fat with a combination of acids contains normality of standard hydrochloric acid with 0.06, standard hydrochloric acid for blank & sample with 0.09 mol & 0.04 mol, and weight of the oil/fat with 30mol.



Normality of standard hydrochloric acid (n) = 0.06

Standard hydrochloric acid for blank (b) = 0.09

Standard hydrochloric acid for sample(s) = 0.04

Weight of the oil/fat (w) = 30 mol

Now, apply the formula of saponification.

SV = [56.1 * (b-s) n] / w

= [56.1 * (0.09 - 0.04) 0.06] / 30

= 0.0056 mg/g.

Therefore, the value of saponification is 0.0056 mg/g.

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FAQs on Saponification Value Calculator

1. What is the use of saponification?

If we have a high saponification value then we will have lower fatty acids and lighter molecular weight. If the saponification value is high those oils/fats are suitable for soap making.

2. How do you calculate the saponification value?

Saponification value can be calculated by using the formula, SV = [56.1 * (b-s) n] / w.

3. What do we use these saponification?

Saponification is the reaction that requires a solution of alkali in water and also heats. This reaction is used mainly to make soap, lubricants, and fire extinguishers.

4. How to use this saponification calculator tool?

Generally, first, we need to give the inputs in the input field and then need to click on the calculate button. Then you will get the answers instantly.