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Online Solution Dilution Calculator makes it easy for you to learn on how to dilute a stock solution of known concentration and obtain its arbitrary volume as well. All you have to do is provide the inputs as specified and then click on the calculate button to avail results in no time.

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What is Dilution?

Dilution is the process of adding solvent inorder to reduce the concentration of solute in the solution. For example, we can add water to dilute orange juice to an extent so that it is possible to drink.

Dilution Formula

Follow the simple guidelines listed below and the formula associated with the dilution. The major reason behind we providing the solution dilution calculator is to make you aware on how much of it you need to obtain a diluted solutionof a particular concentration. You can know this by simply having a glance at the dilution formula:

m₁ * V₁ = m₂ * V₂

  • m₁ is the concentration of stock solution;
  • m₂ is the concentration of diluted solution;
  • V₁ is the volume of the stock solution; and
  • V₂ is the volume of diluted solution.

Units of Concentration

You might have known by now the units of volume are nothing but cubed units of length or liter. We even know 1 liter = 1 cubi decimeter. Now let us discuss the units of molar concentration and mass concentration in detail here.

  • Molar Concentration c is the substance in moles in the given particular volume of substance. It is expressed in units molar and is denoted by symbol M and 1 M = 1 mol/liter
  • Mass Concentration ρ is nothing but the amount of substance in grams in given volume of substance. It is denoted in gram/liter.

In order to determine the mass concentration of your solution we need to simply multiply the molar concentration and molar mass of substance together i.e. ρ = c * M. its units are kg/mol

How to Calculate the Solution Dilution?

Follow the simple and easy guidelines over here regarding the usage of Solution Dilution Calculator. They are along the lines

  • Firstly, determine the concentration of the solution.
  • Then, decide on the final volume of solution needed by you.
  • Next step is to get the concentration of obtained solution.
  • Input all these into the dilution equation.
  • Simplify further and obtain the required paramter easily.

FAQs on Solution Dilution

1. What do you mean by Dilution?

Dilution is the process of adding solvent inorder to decrease the concentration of solute in the solution.

2. What is Dilution Formula?

Dilution Equation is given by the expression m₁ * V₁ = m₂ * V₂

3. How do you calculate the dilution of a solution?

In order to calculate the dilution of a solution simply use the dilution equation m₁ * V₁ = m₂ * V₂ and input the values accordingly. wit further simplification you can determine the unknown value easily.

4. How do I use the Solution Dilution Calculator?

You can use the Solution Dilution Calculator by simply entering the inputs as specified and then by tapping on the calculate button you will get the resultant value in no time.