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In a short amount of time, the Free Molarity Calculator determines the molarity of a chemical solution. Fill in the molar mass and concentration fields, then hit the calculate button to get the exact molarity and volume of the solution right now.

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Molar Concentration

Molar concentration is a useful technique for representing the concentration of a solute in a solution. The total number of moles of solute dissolved in one litre of solution is known as molarity. All moles values are used to calculate the volume of moles in the molar concentration solution.


The mole is defined as the amount of substance in a system containing the same number of elementary entities as atoms in 0.12 kg of carbon-12. The elementary entities, which can include atoms, molecules, electrons, and other particles, should be indicated if a mole is used. The SI unit for measuring the amount of a substance is the mole.


The total number of moles of solute per litre of solution is known as the molarity of a solution. It is represented as M and is dependent on changes in the system's physical properties. The following is the molarity equation. Molarity is defined as the ratio of concentration to molar mass. Concentration = Number of moles/volume

What is the Purpose of Molarity?

When discussing concentration, molarity is a useful metric to utilise. Because concentrations come in a wide range of sizes, from nanograms per millilitre to tonnes per gallon, it's easier to compare concentrations with a known metric rather than dealing with conversions. Molarity (M) is defined as the number of moles per litre.

How to Determine the Molarity of a Solution?

Calculate the molarity of a solution by following these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Check the substance's molar mass, concentration, and mass.
  • Step 2: To find the molarity, divide the concentration by the molar mass.
  • Step 3: To get the volume of the solution, multiply the number of moles by the concentration.

How to Use the Molarity Calculator?

The following is the procedure how to use the molarity calculator.

  • Step 1: For the unknown, enter the number of moles, volume, and x in the appropriate input fields.
  • Step 2: To acquire the solution, click the "Calculate the Unknown" button.
  • Step 3: Finally, in the output field, the molarity of the chemical solution will be presented.

FAQ’s on Molarity Calculator

1. What is the formula for molar concentration?

The formula for calculating molar concentration is molar concentration = amount of material in moles/volume of solution.

2. What is the Molar Concentration Calculator and how do I use it?

To calculate the molar concentration of a solution, enter the number of moles and the volume of the material as inputs and click the calculate button.

3. What is the definition of molar volume?

Molar volume is the amount of space occupied by one mole of a substance at a certain temperature and pressure. It's calculated by multiplying the molar mass by the density of the substance at that temperature and pressure.

4. Is there a difference between molarity and concentration?

Although they are quite close, molarity and concentration are not the same things. Concentration is the number of moles of a material dissolved in a given volume of liquid, and it can be expressed in any volume unit. Molarity, or moles per litre of solution, is a form of concentration.